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K & B Rabbitry is owned by Kyle Yacobucci and B.J Lazarou of Palatine Bridge and Colonie, New York. Our rabbitry strives to breed top quality Mini Rex and American Fuzzy Lops. Kyle and BJ have been involved in showing animals their entire lives but have recently started showing rabbits in open competition at ARBA shows. Kyle has shown exhibition Waterfowl and Largefowl and is a Master Exhibitor with the American Poultry Association and International Waterfowl Breeders Association. B.J has shown horses her entire life and has taken numerous western riding championships in New York State. We hope to bring the same effort from our other show curcuits into showing rabbits.

Mini Rex

Kyle has had Mini Rex for several years and used to show them in youth competition at ARBA shows. Now we have recently started breeding/showing Mini Rex in Open aquiring our foundation stock from Randy Shumaker and Allen Messick of CA, Piper Smith of PA, Johnson & Iglesias of VT, and Freda Kraus of MD.


Specializing in CASTOR, TORTOISE, & REW

also a few Brokens, Blacks, Blues, Chocolates, & Lilacs.

Working on Blue, Chocolate, & Lilac Torts as well.

BT's Yankee - Broken Tort AFL Sr. Buck (one of our new herd bucks from Convention!)


Below: K&B's Snowbank - REW Jr. Buck .. first homebred stock to win more than a BOV, he took BOSB!!! @ the Wine Country Final Show in Ithaca, NY 11/10/07 :-D

American Fuzzy Lops

BJ has been involved in rabbits since she was a youth in 4-H but has recently decided to start breeding American Fuzzy Lops. She has aquired some stock with promise and is attempting to start breeding and see where it takes her. She is still in process of building her heard.  K&B's herd is built from breeding stock from Johnson & Iglesias of VT, Leslie Hobbs of WA, and Meredith Sherrer of PA.

Varieties: Solids and Brokens
Mainly focusing on Torts and Blue Torts

Contact Info

Kyle Yacobucci - kyleyac@yahoo.com
1-518-673-5668 - Home
1-518-257-2686 - Cell

BJ Lazarou - elaz11@aol.com
1-518-438-1863 - Home
1-518-461-5039 - Cell

Feel free to get ahold of either of us with questions.